Lindsay Lohan's mother DINA launched a last-minute offensive to impose a gag order on the teen star's troubled father - hours before his live TV appearance.

Devastated by the exposure of leaked divorce papers stating Dina's estranged husband MICHAEL had threatened to murder his entire family, the RUMORS singer's mother called in her lawyer to help put a stop to his PRIME TIME LIVE interview.

Attorney ROBERT COHEN told Nassau Supreme Court Justice ROBERT ROSS, "It's been a nightmare for the children," adding Dina was facing the prospect of having to pull her kids out of school, reports website PAGESIX.COM.

However, Michael's lawyer rejected the gag order, but conceded his client was also "devastated" by the unexpected leak.

Michael was arrested on Saturday (19FEB05) on drink-driving charges and is being held without bail.

He used last night's (24FEB05) broadcast to deny reports he's a menace whose many arrests and legal problems are ruining his daughter's career.

25/02/2005 17:47