Lindsay Lohan's mother DINA has spoken of her horror after a worker at the U.S. State Department was indicted for allegedly snooping through personal information of celebrities including her daughter ALI.
Brooke Reyna, 28, from New Hampshire, who worked as a clerk at the government agency, has been accused of using the department's computer system to illegally access the passport records of stars including 16-year-old Ali.
Reyna has been charged with felonies including unauthorised computer access for allegedly viewing private files belonging to "various celebrities, actors, reality television contestants, television personalities, musicians, models, athletes," including "their children," since 2005.
And Dina Lohan admits she was stunned to hear of the allegations, telling the New York Post, "It's horrible. I'm petrified. I'm glad the FBI is on it."
Lohan family lawyer Stephanie Ovadia adds, "What is the Justice Department doing to safeguard these people?"