LATEST: Actress Lindsay Lohan's father MICHAEL has vowed to sue the woman who claims he is the father of her teenage daughter if his DNA test results come back negative.
Michael Lohan underwent testing this week (begs30Jun08), hoping to prove he is not the father of a secret lovechild with his former mistress Kristi Kaufmann.
Lohan expects the results of the paternity tests to reveal his relationship to teenager Ashley within two weeks, and says he is already making plans for legal action against her mother.
He tells the New York Post, "If the test is found to be negative, she's going to be sued for libel and defamation. She contacted me and said she had a paternity test with her ex-husband and it was negative and she believed the child was mine. She said I was the only one she was with but I find that hard to believe. She was with a number of men after me and was going through a second divorce."
Lohan adds he "doesn't plan on discussing" his DNA test with his four children by ex-wife Dina until after the results are in, and has asked his lawyer to send Kaufmann a letter asking her to stop discussing the situation publicly.
He says, "Even if the test is positive, I have nothing to say to her because of the way she handled this. How can someone say I have another child when no testing has been done? Why did she wait so long? Is it because she wants money? Or is it because she wants to claim that Ashley is my children's sister?
"She said she wants her daughter to have a relationship with my kids - especially Lindsay and Ali - and that's pretty sick. I will never force my children to meet with Ashley."
Lohan has admitted to having an affair Kaufmann during a period in 1995 when he and his now ex-wife Dina had separated, but insists he had no idea that his one-time lover had given birth to a child after their romance. Kaufmann hit him with the bombshell news while he was in prison, serving time for a DUI and other charges in 2005.