Lindsay Lohan's jailed father is thrilled with her new single about him, after discovering it isn't an all out assault on his character.

Michael Lohan - who is serving a four year sentence for drunken driving, contempt of court and beating his brother-in-law with a shoe - wrote his own song after learning Lohan was releasing CONFESSIONS OF A BROKEN HEART.

But he is delighted after hearing his daughter's song, and realising she doesn't attack him.

Lohan sings, "I wear all your old clothes, your polo sweater/ I dream of another you, the one who would never (never)/ Leave me alone to pick up the pieces/ A daddy to hold me, that's what I needed/ (So) why'd you have to go  / Daughter to father, daughter to father/ I don't know you, but I still want to."

In a letter to the New York Daily News, Michael writes, "While I always considered and expressed how truly blessed Lindsay, as well as my other children are, I never realized how blessed I am to have a daughter as amazing as Lindsay.

"Hold onto my shirt honey, soon enough you'll be able to hold on to me! While the media and press love to cover Lindsay enjoying her life and successes, I hopefully now they will cover the kind of heart this beautiful and gifted young lady really has."