Lindsay Lohan's estranged father MICHAEL has responded to his daughter's song CONFESSIONS OF A BROKEN HEART (DAUGHTER TO FATHER), which criticises him, by recording a track of his own.

Michael, whose divorce from the star's mother DINA recently reached a settlement, was the focus of the emotional song, which was accompanied by a video portraying his dysfunctional marriage.

And MEAN GIRLS star Lindsay has now discovered her father, who is currently in prison for convictions including assault and driving while impaired, has recorded his own response.

She says, "I know he's heard (my track) because I believe he wrote a song and he sent it to the (New York) Post. I don't remember (what he said in the song). I tried to block it out."

Meanwhile, Lindsay admits she still cares about her father, despite their shaky relationship.

She adds, "He's my father, I love him. That's why in this song I didn't want it to come off too harsh."