Lindsay Lohan has gone public to talk about her recent hospital stay - to reassure fans she's OK.

The Mean Girls actress admits she's still puzzled about her illness, which put her in hospital for a week last month (OCT04), but reveals her medical emergency has made her think seriously about her health.

Lohan appeared on news show EXTRA! last night (23NOV04) to clear up rumours about her health.

She said, "We haven't really found out (about the illness). I was just overtired and going through a lot and I wasn't taking control of everything.

"I was really over worked and really tired and I know I had a kidney infection just because of a lot of stress and everything and I wasn't eating right.

"I wasn't getting enough sleep... I had an asthma attack, I have bronchial asthma, so that was bad. I had a really bad cold and I had a form of mono.

"I was really sick. I was really scared. I'm trying to take care of myself."

Medics diagnosed Lohan with extreme exhaustion, and the actress admits she lost 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) while she was in hospital.

24/11/2004 02:27