Teen actress Lindsay Lohan's father has slammed his daughter's representatives, accusing them of keeping him away from his daughter for more than two months.

Over the weekend (21/22AUG04), Michael Lohan enjoyed a tearful reunion with the 18-year-old FREAKY FRIDAY star at Hollywood hotspot KOI, where they were joined by the actress' boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama and hotel heiress PARIS HILTON.

Michael, who is separated from Lindsay's manager-mother DINA, has a long list of legal woes, stemming from several assault charges, but he's been particularly hurt by the lack of access he's been allowed to have to his own child.

He says, "Her mother, Dina, and I have tried to distance her from it. Disney and other studios have such an investment in her.

"However, I feel her employees shouldn't try to keep her away from me. She didn't even know I had come to visit her on the set until I told her later."

Michael says he told his daughter, "I've wanted nothing to do with your career other than see you happy. You mother can have all the fame and glory. I just want to be your best friend."

He says Lindsay responded, "You've always been my best friend. I just don't want any more of this arguing."

25/08/2004 21:07