Teenage movie star Lindsay Lohan's father has promised to undergo a course of anger management in a bid to win his wife and kids back.

Michael Lohan was arrested last week (ends11JUN04) after fighting with his brother-in-law at a family party.

Lohan put his daughter's uncle, MATT SULLIVAN, in hospital with a gash to his head, and although he insists he didn't start the fight, he's taking steps to calm his temper.

Speaking exclusively to American news show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, Lohan says he's taking temper classes after having a tearful chat with daughter Lindsay at the weekend (12-13JUN04).

He reveals, "She said, 'Daddy, I want my family back. Let's put this back together.' She was crying her eyes out."

He continues, "I'm 44-years-old and I should know better. I studied martial arts for eight years. I know the passive attitude and I didn't use it but I am addressing that - I'm going into anger management."

Lohan maintains he didn't mean to put his brother-in-law in hospital, but a ring he was wearing cut into his scalp.

He adds, "He came at me and he swung with the right, swung with the left, he missed me...and I punched him in the head. Unfortunately, I had a ring on and that ring cut his head."

15/06/2004 10:01