Lindsay Lohan is begging her parents to work on their fractured relationship - because she doesn't want to remain estranged from her father MICHAEL.

The pop star/actress recently made a directorial debut by taking charge of her new video CONFESSIONS OF A BROKEN HEART, which features images of actors, playing her parents DINA and Michael, fighting.

Lohan hopes the promo will show her split folks how she feels, and maybe bring them closer together after their bitter divorce and custody battle.

She says, "I may have all of this visually but inside, internally, if you don't have what you really want nothing's really there.

"I'd like a little bit more of a conclusion with my family, my parents - just for their sake."

But, despite the harrowing scenes in the new video - which also features Lohan's sister ALI - the singer insists she's coping with her family problems.

She adds, "I'm OK. I'm a tough little cookie."