Lindsay Lohan is putting her own well-publicised family problems on film because she wants to show troubled fans that even celebrities suffer heartache.

The singer/actress is making her directorial debut on the set of her harrowing new video, CONFESSIONS OF A BROKEN HEART, in which Lohan and her real-life sister ALI recreate family fights with actors playing their parents.

The Mean Girls felt compelled to take charge of the video because the song is so "personal" and "deep."

She says, "A lot of people go through family issues, abuse and that kind of thing. I think it's important to show that other people go through it.

"People have so many opinions of me. I wanted to show my vision of how everything has taken place and the truth of what happened. I can do that through directing this video."

Lohan admits some of the scenes, which feature an actor portraying her estranged father MICHAEL beating up her mother, were difficult to watch.

She adds, "I cried as I watched. Watching my sister in the scenes, I cried. When we filmed the argument between the parents that made me cry."