LATEST: Lindsay Lohan has turned down a nightclub owner's offer to bail her out of her latest legal woe - because she insists she is innocent.
Model Masha Markova has filed papers at Manhattan's State Supreme Court claiming Lohan stole her $11,000 (GBP5,500) mink coat as she left a New York nightclub after a birthday party in January (08). The coat was later returned, but only after Lohan had been photographed wearing an identical fur on the same night.
Nightclub boss John Englebert stepped in on Wednesday (21May08) and offered to settle the case for Lohan, and buy her her own mink coat.
But the actress insists she doesn't need his help. Her representative says, "She already has one (fur coat)."
Adding of the coat mystery, the rep adds, "If she took it, she took it by mistake. There are worse mistakes to make."