Lindsay Lohan has decided to go all out for her 19th birthday - by having as many parties as she can before her big day.

The FREAKY FRIDAY star will actually turn 19 on 2 July (05), but she kicked off celebrations early, by partying with a group of pals - including Nicole Richie and DAVID SPADE - at Hollywood hot-spot Basque on Sunday (19JUN05).

She says, "My friend and I are having a contest... It was just her birthday and she had like 10 birthdays. She kept saying it was her birthday and she kept getting cake at dinner, so we're having a contest.

"I started my birthday the other night after the HERBIE: Fully Loaded premiere... It was small. I had friends. I did a small dinner, but I probably will have something else. I'll be in Minnesota. I'm filming a movie over there."

23/06/2005 09:41