Lindsay Lohan has landed a dream role opposite her heroine Ann-Margret in a new Jack Black comedy. The actress insists she can't say much about the project, but she simply can't keep quiet about the prospect of working with the Tommy star, who she has emulated for years. The two redheads met up for a photoshoot in 2006 and Lohan declared Ann-Margret was her ultimate role model. The pair has become firm friends. And now the Mean Girls star says, "I'm part of a film that Jack Black is involved in that is starting around April, hopefully. We're getting the cast together now. "I can't say too much. It's a comedy. Ann-Margret is a part of it and I'm very excited (about that). "One of my favourite movies is her movie Kitten With A Whip. It's a great movie. I just really respect her."