Lindsay Lohan has presented with the harsh facts of her future - and it includes marriage to veteran rocker Tommy Lee.

The 18-year-old actress hosted the season finale of US comedy show Saturday Night Live on 21 May (05), and as she was minutes into introducing herself to the studio audience, her Mean Girls co-star and series regular AMY POEHLER descended in a cloud of mist to make a few revelations.

Poehler boomed, "Lindsay, your life is moving too fast! You gotta slow it down. I'm you. I've come from the future to tell you you gotta cool it with the partying 'cause I'm totally beat!"

Poehler warned Lohan that unless she made drastic changes, she'd be several inches shorter from her constant consumption of popular energy drink Red Bull, would be the host of a cable TV porn series after a succession of movie flops, and would marry rocker Lee after meeting him in a strip club - all by 2007.

Lohan - often criticised in tabloids for her partying - quipped, "Holy c**p! I gotta take better care of myself, don't I?"

23/05/2005 03:18