Lindsay Lohan has shown off her alcohol monitoring bracelet in a series of pictures she sold to a photo agency to raise funds for charity.
The Mean Girls star was ordered to wear the SCRAM device and abstain from drugs and alcohol for the foreseeable future following a probation hearing last week (24May10).
She recently took to her page and pleaded with designers at French fashion house CHANEL to send her a stylish accessory to cover up the unsightly electronic gadget.
She wrote, "Can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that I can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!?"
But Lohan is no longer shy about the device and has posed for a few shots with the bracelet in full view.
The actress is shown relaxing on a couch with her jeans folded up to display the SCRAM device, while she is seated on a wooden floor with her left leg extended to reveal the bracelet.
According to, Lohan arranged for the images to be sold to an agency in exchange for a donation to an "undisclosed charity for alcohol education treatment".