Teen actress Lindsay Lohan called into a Los Angeles radio show yesterday morning (12OCT04) to slam "upsetting" rumours being spread about her.

The MEAN GIRLS star broke up an interview between rocker-turned-TV host Mark Mcgrath and AMERICAN IDOL star Ryan Seacrest to rant about her treatment in the press.

Lohan dismissed speculation about her family troubles as well as partying ways that are reportedly wrecking her acting career. She said, "That's not true. It's so upsetting."

And when SUGAR RAY singer McGrath offered his support, an angry Lohan snapped back, "I don't need support. This is all bulls**t."

The actress also weighed in on her father Michael Lohan's legal troubles - the family patriarch has just dropped charges he filed against his wife DINA, claiming she tried to run him over in her car after a series of family rows.

Lindsay admitted, "It sucks so much. He's my father and I love him to death but he's not acting rationally right now."

Meanwhile, on Howard Stern's morning radio show, Michael Lohan confirmed he was dropping all charges against his wife, "so the kids don't through this anymore".

13/10/2004 02:41