Lindsay Lohan, Uma Thurman, Jamie Foxx and Brad Pitt will be among the stars battling it out for prizes at the 2005 Mtv Movie Awards next month (JUN05) after being named among the top nominees.

Lohan (Mean Girls) and Thurman (KILL BILL VOL 2) will fight for the Best Female Performance honour with Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby), RACHEL McADAMS (The Notebook) and Natalie Portman (Garden State), while Oscar winner Foxx (RAY) will challenge Pitt (Troy), Will Smith (I, ROBOT), Matt Damon (THE Bourne Supremacy and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO (The Aviator) for the Best Male Performance prize.

The Best Movie nominees are The Incredibles, RAY, Napoleon Dynamite, Spider-Man 2 and KILL BILL VOL 2.

04/05/2005 21:16