The photographer accused of deliberately crashing his minibus into Lindsay Lohan's car earlier this year (31MAY05) has escaped a criminal charge.

GALO CESAR RAMIREZ, 24, collided with the teen singer/actress during a paparazzi pursuit following an appearance by Lohan at a Los Angeles restaurant, but Deputy District Attorney WILLIAM HODGMAN found no evidence to prove the snapper deliberately orchestrated the smash.

Lohan maintains her ill-advised U-turn which preceded the crash, occurred as a result of a planned high-speed chase.

Hodgman says, "Based upon the damage sustained to both the victim's and the suspect's cars it appears that, although the suspect was most likely driving carelessly when he collided with the victim's car, it was not an intentional assault."

But the official added possible conspiracy charges could eventually be brought against paparazzi who mastermind high-risk celebrity chases.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has since introduced a law allowing courts to award high compensation sums to stars who suffer harassment at the hands of photographers.