FREAKY FRIDAY star Lindsay Lohan followed in Tom Cruise's footsteps on Thursday night (16JUN05) - by leaping onto a couch halfway through her TV interview.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star Cruise raised eyebrows last month (MAY05), when he jumped up and down on Oprah Winfrey's couch as he repeatedly yelled he was in love with Katie Holmes.

While his antics made him the target of teasing at the hands of comedians across America, Cruise went on to repeat his actions when he appeared on Leno's chat show.

And while Lohan, 18, insists she's yet to find love since splitting with Wilmer Valderrama, she decided to continue thetrend when she arrived on Leno's show.

When the funnyman asked her if she was in love, Lohan responded, "No, but I was watching the show the other day and I saw Tom Cruise and I know he's in love. So in honour of Tom Cruise, for everyone who's not in love, I'm gonna pull a Tom!"

She then proceeded to jump on the couch, as the audience cheered her on.

After composing herself, she explained, "I love Tom Cruise, but I just had to do it. Also for DEAN, my security guard."

Cruise announced his engagement to Holmes yesterday (17JUN05).

18/06/2005 09:32