Lindsay Lohan is receiving Hollywood help in the form of Baldwin brothers DANIEL and STEPHEN as she battles to regain her former star power after rehab, according to her father.
An arrest warrant for the Mean Girls star was dismissed by a California judge on Monday (16Mar09) following a legal misunderstanding, but the matter scared the actress' father Michael into speaking out about his daughter's recovery.
Lohan is still on probation in relation to a 2007 drink driving conviction, and her father insists she is getting the advice she needs from the Baldwins.
Speaking before the arrest warrant was dismissed, Michael Lohan said, "I am very concerned for my daughter. I've said it before and I'll say it again - she has to be careful of the people around her. I worry about any of those negative elements in her life.
"I know that Stephen and Danny Baldwin have reached out to her to help."
The Baldwins have connections to Michael Lohan - Stephen is a fellow born-again Christian, who is reportedly working on a reality TV project with Lohan. His brother Daniel is a recovering addict.
They're not the only stars reaching out to help Lohan - Mel Gibson and Warren Beatty have both offered to help the actress if she needs it.