Lindsay Lohan broke down in tears while filming a hard-hitting new documentary after learning a child she was talking to had been beaten by her guardians and sent out onto the streets of India to beg.
The actress spent a week in various areas of India last year (09), shooting a low-key BBC investigation about the trafficking of women and children in the country.
The show aired in the U.K. on Thursday night (01Apr10).
During one moving scene, Lohan sobbed as she heard the story of one little girl.
A translator told Lohan, "Deena was forced to work by her own family. She has parents but came to stay with her brother and sister-in-law and they put her on the streets to beg.
"She was bringing in money throughout the day as she begged and, in the evening, she takes the train to go home."
The 23 year old had to be handed a tissue to wipe away her tears as she exclaimed, "Oh my god!"
Lohan lost her composure completely as she heard how the youngster's sister-in-law beat her whenever she protested.
The actress cried, "I don't want her to see my cry. Sorry, I am having a moment."
Lohan then appealed to viewers to do what they can to help stop such horrors: "Trafficking is not going to stop until people take it more seriously."