Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan narrowly escaped injury when her Range Rover collided with a police car in London on Sunday (19NOV06). The Mean Girls actress, 20, was partying with notorious London socialite CALUM BEST - son of late soccer legend George Best - when her vehicle crashed into the police car, which had jumped a red light. The incident is Lohan's fourth car accident in 18 months. In May 2005, she suffered minor injures when photographer GAIO RAMIREZ drove his car into her vehicle in Los Angeles. In October 2005, Lohan plowed her Mercedes Benz into a red van and injured the driver in Beverly Hills, California. She claimed she was speeding to get away from the paparazzi. Just two weeks ago (07NOV06), Lohan's Mercedes was damaged when a photographer slammed into the back of the vehicle near Hollywood nightspot Hyde.