Actress Lindsay Lohan insists she needs a boyfriend with a good sense of humour, because she brings a lot of emotional baggage to her relationships. The 19-year-old claims she desperately needs a partner who can handle her crazy life and who feels comfortable with the constant media glare surrounding her. She says, "I have paparazzi following me every day. I'd like to have a boyfriend. "It would be nice to have that security and to have someone to go to a movie with." The actress reveals she needs a strong partner who has "confidence, loyalty and a good sense of humour, because I come with a lot of baggage". The FREAKY FRIDAY star also dismisses tabloid rumours she has a rampant sex life. She says, "Sleeping around is not something that interests me, but the act of love is an amazing thing. "It's groovy. You've gotta have some fun and let those emotions out." The MEAN GIRLS star has been linked with numerous potential suitors including Sean Lennon, Jared Leto and Wilmer Valderrama and admits to having lots of "crushes". She explains, "It sounds cheesy, but I have people who are fun to have crushes on."