LATEST: Lindsay Lohan is thrilled her father has warmed to her hard-hitting new video, which deals with their struggles.

The singer/actress made her directorial debut on the promo CONFESSIONS OF A BROKEN HEART, which features fighting scenes between her estranged father and manager mother - played by actors - as she and her sister ALI watch.

And Lohan hoped her father MICHAEL wouldn't be upset by his portrayal in the "therapeutic" video because it's just something she felt she needed to show to fans in a bid to clear up reports about her private life.

Before her father had the chance to view the new video, she said, "I hope he'll see what I say in the song is, 'I love you,' so many times, that I need him and the crazy things in my life.

"I hope he sees the positive side of the video rather than the negative. The video is kind of offensive, but it is very raw."

Lohan's father has responded with a letter to the New York Daily News, in which he writes, "I never realised how blessed I am to have a daughter as amazing as Lindsay."

And although she's estranged from her father, Lohan insists he'll still be the one to give her away when she weds.

She explains, "He's my father. I need someone to walk me down the aisle when I get married."