LATEST: Lindsay Lohan will be sporting a cast for the next six weeks after breaking her wrist in two places when she slipped on a wet outdoor area in New York City. The Mean Girls star was attending a Fashion Week party last Friday (15SEP06) when the accident happened. Lohan's mother and manager DINA tells US publication Star there isn't a definite time frame for wearing the cast saying, "It depends, but I think about four to six weeks." She adds her daughter's boyfriend HARRY MORTON is providing moral support - along with a referral to a specialist, who also happens to be his cousin. Dina explains, "Lindsay saw Harry's cousin, since her other doctor is in New York, and Lindsay's in LA now, where Harry's cousin is based." Lohan isn't letting her injury slow her down, she's scheduled to film a brief part in a new film which will reunite her with THE PARENT TRAP director Nancy Meyers. Dina says, "She won't be doing cartwheels. (The cast) is removable too, so she can take it off for a short time, or she can wear long sleeves." She says the reports that depict her daughter in an unflattering light are beginning to take their toll adding, "We're tired of this crap. And as a parent, it's hurtful."