Lindsay Lohan has found an acting teacher in the unlikely guise of MATT DILLON.

The teen queen and the former teen idol found a kinship on the set of new Disney film HERBIE: Fully Loaded and Lohan admits Dillon taught her a valuable lesson in on-set etiquette.

She reveals, "When I'm on set I'm all over the place thinking about 20 different things.

"When I really take the time to just get into character and focus is when I have scenes that are more emotional. I don't get to do that too much and that's what I want to do more of.

"I'll be on the cell phone talking to my friend or my mom on the set until we roll and then I'll jump back on the phone. Matt Dillon has been a good teacher; when he's on the set he is always focused and intense, so it teaches me to do that and sometimes I want to be more like that."

Dillon admits he was impressed with the MEAN GIRLS star and he can empathise with her paparazzi-crazy life.

He explains, "Lindsay is really talented... I identify with her because I was at that age where I was under a certain scrutiny as she is. I've been high-tailed by the paparazzi over the years but I think her experience in 2005 is more intense."

08/06/2005 09:16