Teen star Lindsay Lohan has appeared in a string of hit films over the past two years, but the young actress still believes she needs to show "I really can act".

The FREAKY FRIDAY star, 17, has been compared to Jodie Foster and a young Julia Roberts and hopes to find a balance between making fun movies for her young fans and proving her acting abilities in independent films.

Lohan says, "I want to do movies where I can really act. The movies I'm doing now, I'm not really playing anybody who's very different from me."

While Lohan is aware of her teenage fanbase, she worries the media and public won't let her grow up on screen with more challenging, adult movie roles.

Lohan explains, "Disney has been so good to me, so supportive. It can be hard, though, because they like to preserve their actors' wholesome image. I mean I love Julia Roberts, she's the romantic comedy queen. But I'd love to do a movie like Silence Of The Lambs, that's my dream.

"And I just saw Charlize Theron in MONSTER and I thought she was incredible. But that might be a little too drastic for me right now.

"It's hard because most of my fans are younger and I don't want to grow up ahead of them. I need to find exactly the right scripts or do an indie movie that none of them will see."

31/05/2004 21:08