Hollywood beauty Lindsay Lohan has been hailed "a normal girl" after inviting British boyband McFly out for a family dinner. The musicians met the actress on the set of new movie JUST MY LUCK and admit they were terrified about the encounter until the MEAN GIRLS star put them at ease over a meal. MCFly, who remain unknown in the US despite selling millions of records in the UK, were thrilled to get to know Lohan better, and hope starring in her movie can boost their transatlantic appeal. Drummer HARRY JUDD says, "We're not actors to be honest but it's a great opportunity for us and to get our faces out there in America." Singer/guitarist Tom Fletcher adds, "We were pretty nervous about meeting (Lindsay) for the first time but about a week into filming she took us out to dinner with her family. It was a nice way to break the ice. "She's just a normal girl."