Actress Lindsay Lohan has hit out at the tabloid press for romantically linking her to every man she is seen out with. The Mean Girls star - who officially checked out of the Wonderland Center in the Hollywood Hills last month (FEB07) after completing a 30 day stay to fight her drink demons - has been linked to several Hollywood actors including Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell and Elijah Wood, but revealed she was never romanced by any of them. She says, "I've never dated anyone I've worked with. Some of those guys are old enough to be my father! My mother once said to me, 'Lindsay, if you'd gone out with everyone they said, you'd be dead by now!' It's ridiculous. "I see a lot of men when I go out and, yes, I have conversations. But right away people assume I'm dating them. If I leave a club or a restaurant at the same time as a guy, it's immediately thought we're an item, that I'm either dating him or sleeping with him. It's not true and I'm not that kind of person. I like to really get to know a guy before anything else develops."