Lindsay Lohan was so worried about death threats she received after signing on to star in a film about John Lennon's killer, she called on the late beatle's widow Yoko Ono for help. The MEAN GIRLS star admits her family and friends all advised her against playing a Fab Four fan who befriends Mark David Chapman in CHAPTER 27 - and she quickly discovered why they were concerned. But the support she received from Ono helped her get through the shoot and ignore those who criticised her for agreeing to star in a film that humanises Chapman. She says, "It's a very touchy subject and no one wanted me to do the movie because John Lennon is a legend. I was actually nervous going into it because I did get death threats. "But I love my character in the movie and she is such a genuine fan of Yoko and John. She is like the Hitchcock blonde. "I actually sat down with Yoko Ono a couple of times to talk to her about it because I wanted to get the 'OK' from her... She was so sweet. "She gave me the confidence I needed. The things that she's done are wonderful."