FREAKY FRIDAY star Lindsay Lohan declared her love for teen rival HILARY DUFF on live TV yesterday (16FEB04), just days after expressing a wish to end their long-running feud.

The pretty stars became enemies after they discovered they were dating pop heart-throb Aaron Carter at the same time and fell out in spectacular style at the premiere of Duff's new movie Cheaper by the Dozen.

But when Lohan was asked by MTV presenter Damien Fahey to reveal one thing she'd like to get out in the open on popular chart show TRL, she randomly blurted, "I love you Hilary Duff!"

Lohan recently revealed her desire to end the animosity between them, explaining, "I have no problem with her. Maybe she has a

problem with me but I don't think she should."

20/02/2004 14:19