Lindsay Lohan can add a charge of Perjury to her impressive collection of suspected felonies, reports Tmz. The socialite already has a dangerous driving charge to deal with, as well as a theft charge levelled at her.
Lohan, 26 just can't escape the law, and manifestly, the news. She's now heavily implicated in a jewellery theft worth over $100,000, a complicated case involving a car crash, and most recently, is being investigated for lying to the authorities. Lindsay reportedly told the police that she was not behind the wheel, but that claim is being heavily investigated, and if found false, Lohan will be facing another, lengthier stretch in jail. Perjury is a crime punishable by a maximum of 1-year in jail, and given her previous and well documented misdemeanours, she'll do well to avoid conviction if found guilty.
Another suspected charge, a jewellery heist from a Hollywood home, won't go away. It was previously thought that Lohan had simply and inadvertently let a few thieves into a house where she was enjoying a party, but recent reports suggest the controversial star is now a suspect for the case. Her lawyer has rejected requests for an interview. Lohan has set a precedent for jewellery theft, after famously stealing a necklace from a Venice store. She was charged with misdemeanour theft and probation violation, and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service, and if any of her myriad charges turn into convictions, it'll be more than litter picking for the party animal.