Lindsay Lohan has lost her teeth.

The 'Mean Girls' actress - who was recently ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet - recently had her wisdom teeth removed, but after being given her extracted gnashers by her dentist, has now misplaced them.

She tweeted: "I kept my teeth and now I can't find them! It's so strange, because there are like 2 holes in my mouth yuck! They were like, massive teeth!!! Weird lol (sic)."

The troubled star is suffering massive pain from her dental procedure, and is struggling to eat and sleep.

She later posted on her twitter page: "i am in so much pain from my wisdom teeth being pulled, it hurts so much.

"i'm ordering sushi in... gonna TRY and eat it... teeth are really hurting me today :(

"i just woke up from a sleep w/ an ice pack that velcros around my face and head.

"Hopefully it will start feeling better tomorrow- I'm just glad it's over with! (sic)"

Lindsay is no stranger to pain as last March she was pricked by a bush after being pushed into the "sharp" plant by some paparazzi.

She tweeted at the time: "Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi!!! I need to start wearing more flats :/ (sic)"