The hotelier who Lindsay Lohan portrays in new movie BOBBY only met her soldier husband twice - the day they were married and the day they divorced. DIANE HUBER wed an unknown soldier in the late 1960s in an effort to keep him from the front lines in Vietnam. Lohan plays Huber and Elijah Wood her frightened `husband' in the new Emilio Estevez movie. Huber explains, "I had only met him the one day. We went to Los Angeles and got married. And two-and-a-half years later he came to the drugstore where I was working and handed me the annulment papers. "So I saw him twice in my life - but it was probably the most successful marriage I've ever had." Huber won herself a mention in Estevez's film after befriending the BREAKFAST CLUB star while he was working on the script for Bobby in her Pismo Beach, California hotel. She told the actor/director that she had been at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles the night Robert F Kennedy, the leading subject of his film, was assassinated.