Lindsay Lohan's mother DINA is divorcing her husband MICHAEL after 19 years of marriage.

Dina filed for divorce at New York's Nassau County Supreme Court on Tuesday (18JAN05).

Lindsay's spokeswoman LESLIE SLOANE ZELNICK, who says the singer supports her mother's decision, states, "Dina believes for the good of her family, and hopefully Michael's long-term goal at sobriety, that the end of this marriage should happen quickly and painlessly."

Dina, 42, who has an order of protection out against her 44-year-old husband, adds, "I want this to move quickly. I wish him the best and I just want to move on."

The order of protection stems from a fistfight between Michael and Dina's brother during a party at the family's Long Island home in May (04). Michael maintained that his brother-in-law was responsible for the fight.

He also was arrested in June (04) after allegedly failing to pay a $3,800 (GBP2,000) bill for several suites at a posh Long Island hotel, and faced assault charges in Manhattan for allegedly swearing at a sanitation worker whose truck was blocking his car and punching him in the face.

20/01/2005 03:31