Lindsay Lohan wants to leave Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress - who is currently under a court order to wear an alcohol-monitoring SCRAM bracelet - has reportedly told pals she wants to move to New York or London, England, because she is no longer happy in California.

A source at the MuscleMilk Light fitness retreat in Beverly Hills - which the actress attended with her 16-year-old sister Ali - told E! Online: "She was going on about how she hates it here and how disgusting the people are. She said she likes NY and London and wants out of this city."

Meanwhile, friends of Lindsay are growing worried that she will struggle to stay on top of her schedule as she is struggling to find a new assistant, following The Departure of her old employee recently.

The star is currently legally unable to drive, meaning she needs someone to take her to her appointments, including court-ordered alcohol education classes.

Friends say she is also incredibly disorganised and can't function without someone on hand to schedule her meetings, doctor's appointments or work projects.

Lindsay's previous assistant Elinore left the position, which she held for just a few months, after deciding she couldn't cope any longer with her employer's "24/7 demands" and erratic behaviour.

A source said recently: "Lindsay met Elinore through a mutual friend and she began spending more and more time at Lindsay's apartment. She was still paying rent on her own place but essentially was living at Lindsay's.

"After a few months, Lindsay's up and down moods and her 24/7 demands just got to be too much. Lindsay can be really bossy and mean when she doesn't get her own way and Elinore wasn't even getting paid some of the time."