Lindsay Lohan gets ''uncomfortable'' when people describe her as a ''party'' girl.

The 31-year-old star has had a reputation in the past for enjoying wild nights out, but she has dismissed those claims and insisted some people are ''stuck in the past''.

She told Emirates Woman magazine: ''What does that even mean? I get so uncomfortable with that word, 'party.' People are still stuck in the past, of the stories I had in L.A. and I hate it. It was all lies.''

The 'Mean Girls' actress took it a step further too, as she decided to battle the rumours about her private life by making fun of them in the most sarcastic way she could think of.

She added: ''I thought, 'What's the one thing that people have most misconstrued about me?' It was probably about me always going to clubs, so I was just like, 'Well, I'll make my own.' And now I never go to clubs!''

Lindsay decided to move to Dubai to escape the whirlwind that surrounds her life, with attention from the media and the public - and she admitted she enjoys having more privacy.

She explained: ''I moved here for that purpose - I don't have to be publicly seen all the time or discuss what I'm doing. I get more work done because I don't have the scrutiny and fixation on what I'm doing every second. I work all the time; my mind never stops.''

However, it hasn't stopped the rumours and she claimed people are still spreading gossip about her from thousands of miles away.

She said: ''People say things that don't even happen. They just make things up. Someone emailed me yesterday from America, saying, 'Oh, I heard you got married in Dubai.' I was like, 'News to me, who's the lucky guy?'''