The actress and singer Lindsay Lohan is in negotiations with moviemakers to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a forthcoming biopic entitled "Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story." According to a Reuters report, the film is set to focus on the relationship between the Hollywood legend, who passed away in 2011, and her former husband, the actor Richard Burton. Taylor and Burton were married twice. They were together for 10 years between 1964 and 1974 and then married again, for a year, in 1975.
If she lands the role, this could well be the green light that Lohan needs to get her career back on track. She was previously tipped to play the role of Linda Lovelace in a highly-anticipated biopic (called, simply, Lovelace) but was eventually turned down, owing to her turbulent private life, which has seen her arrested a number of times in recent years. If she lands the role of Taylor, it will mark her first major screen appearance since appearing in Robert Rodriguez's B-movie inspired MAChete.
The role of Lovelace has since gone to Amanda Seyfried, who will be joined on screen by Demi Moore and James Franco. When Lindsay Lohan agreed to do a nude Playboy magazine shoot, the 25 year-old actress chose to emulate another star of the silver screen - MARILYN MONROE.