Lindsay Lohan's close friend Vikram Chatwal has been arrested for drug possession.

The businessman - who owns New York City's Dream Hotel - was arrested at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport in Florida when he tried to board a plane with a stash of drugs which included cocaine, marijuana and prescription pills, according to TMZ.

He was booked on one count of trafficking (for the six grams of heroin he was carrying) and seven counts of possession for cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other drugs.

Prescription drugs, for which he did not have a prescription, including the opiod Buprenorphine, Xanax, muscle relaxants, sedatives and ketamine, were also found on Mr. Chatwal, 41.

Officer Carmen Hunsinger wrote in the report: ''The arrestee provided a statement to narcotics detectives admitting possessing and purchasing the controlled substances illegally.''

Lindsay's father Michael Lohan is outraged with Vikram's arrest, claiming he never trusted him.

He told RadarOnline: ''I am totally outraged.

''I hope all the money in the world can't get him out of this one.''

Meanwhile, Lindsay is due to check into rehab for 90 days next month as part of a plea deal she agreed last month in relation to a car accident and the proposed institutions are now being vetted before one can be chosen.

A source said: ''Lindsay's attorney, Mark Heller, gave a list of of potential rehabs to the Los Angeles City Attorney, Terry White, last week. The prosecutor will personally be calling the facilities to make sure that there is proper security, meaning someone that monitors the whereabouts at all times of the patients.''

Lindsay - who will be treated for alcohol and prescription drug addiction - will have to fully comply with the chosen clinic's rules or risk an immediate transfer to prison.''