Lindsay Lohan's father has slammed the actress' half-sister for having plastic surgery to look more like the Mean Girls star.

Ashley Horn, the daughter of Michael Lohan and Kristi Horn, has undergone $25,000 (£16,000) worth of procedures - including a rhinoplasty, cheek and jawline refinement, and fat injections in her face - in a desperate bid to resemble the famous actress.

But Michael has now hit out as his daughter, accusing her of trying to benefit from her family tie to Lindsay.

He tells, "Do you think my daughters actually would have anything to do with Ashley when all she's trying to do is ride on Lindsay and Ali's coattails? I don't think so. I think it's sick, and somewhat pathetic, that a mother would allow her 18-year-old to do such a thing."

Michael also insisted he had spotted early warning signs that Ashley and her mother would try to latch onto the Lohans' success, adding, "The minute Kristi and Ashley started asking me to get them tickets to red carpet events, and for money for singing lessons, set a real alarm off."