Lindsay Lohan's father fears for her life.

The troubled starlet's father Michael Lohan claims he is terrified that she is ''drowning her sorrows'' on ''alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs'' because she may be going back to jail after assaulting a young woman in a nightclub and being charged with lying to police about a car accident earlier this week.

In an open letter to the 26-year-old 'Liz & Dick' actress via gossip website, he blamed all of her problems on her addictions and pleaded with her to return to rehab for a sixth time.

He said: ''Do I believe Lindsay the new reports that Lindsay is drinking two litres of vodka a day? I believe she's drinking to drown her sorrows. When I was at the Chateau Marmont I saw bottles people tell me what she's doing.''

Michael also agreed with US chat show hosts Kathie Lee and Barbara Walters that Lindsay's life could end tragically.

He said: ''I have the same fears. Why is it okay for them to talk about Lindsay and not me? I'm her dad.''

But Michael defended his daughter after she was charged with assaulting 28-year-old fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell on Thursday (29.11.12) morning.

He said: ''I've never seen Lindsay be aggressive. Do I believe she hit the woman? I wasn't there, I don't know this woman but I think it was a set up! Come on, she approached Lindsay there! She's a psychic and she wanted to give her a reading. Lindsay didn't want the reading. Why did she come up to Lindsay?

''When you're in the wrong places it's going to be like this. I wouldn't be surprised if the judge takes this as a slap in the face and gives her jail time and sends her to rehab. If she does go to rehab, she has to go because she wants to. I don't think jail will help her, it will make her worse. Lindsay is on alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs. This idiot court system isn't drug testing her. After she completed her sentence for the DUI it stopped. Since her probation now is not a DUI, she doesn't have to take drug tests.''