Lindsay Lohan made reference to her rumoured list of 36 sexual conquests on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.

A list of the recovering actress' supposed famous sexual partners surfaced last week, and although she is yet to confirm if she actually wrote it or not, she made reference to it while discussing her pop career with the talk show host.

Reminiscing about how Lindsay had performed on Ellen's show to promote her singing career in 2004, she asked her: ''I don't remember you actually ever singing. Did you sing longer than just on my show?''

Lindsay replied: ''I didn't really do much promotion for it. I love music. Music is a huge part of my life just in general ... I was really nervous that day, I remember.

''That was a really emotional song. It was, like, about my dad... No. I'd just broken up with someone.''

When pushed about who it was about, Lindsay coyly replied: ''Apparently there's a list of many guys...''

Lindsay then admitted the track, titled 'Over', was about 'That 70s Show' star Wilmer Valderrama - whose name appears on the list of conquests - and who Lindsay had a relationship with from May until November 2004.

She added: ''It was Wilmer actually. It was Wilmer Valderrama. I was really upset. Yeah, and that song I had written, like, the day after and we were still living together. I sang it in his house - tortured him just recording the song so loud in his house.''

Lindsay's interview with Ellen will air on Monday (31.03.14).