Despite concerns over a premature leak, it seems Lindsay Lohan 's spread for Playboy is on course to become the magazine's biggest selling issue for years. According to, the issue is selling out across the country with newsstands in New York and Los Angeles having to re-order multiple times to cope with the demand.
Playboy is also getting re-orders from cities that usually never request more than their standard bulk of issues. The actress's appearance on the Marilyn Monroe inspired cover appears to be having a dramatic effect online as well, with Playboy experiencing a huge increase in subscription sales to their online service, iPlayboy. After turning down numerous offers in recent years, Lindsay was finally persuaded to pose nude after Hugh Hefner and co offered a reported $1 million. The cover was scheduled to be unveiled on Lohan's much-hyped interview with Ellen Degeneres last week, but after an online leak, the entire release date was brought forward.
The strong sales of the magazine will be a welcome bit of good news for the Mean Girls actress, who's endured a tumultuous year that has included a stint in rehabilitation, a shoplifting conviction, a month of house arrest and four hours in a Los Angeles jail for violating her parole. Last week, judge Stephenie Sautner praised Lohan for completing her community service on time.