Lindsay Lohan can't be photographed when she is taken into custody today (20.07.10).

Judge Marsha Revel - who sentenced the troubled actress to spend 90 days in prison for violating the terms of her probation for her 2007 drinking under the influence (DUI) arrest - has banned members of the press and photographers from taking images of Lindsay as she is being lead into jail from the courtroom.

According to CNN, Judge Revel will tell cameramen in the courtroom to stop running their cameras when she announces Lindsay is remanded, escorted off by the bailiff or is handcuffed.

The only images allowed, are those taken of the actress whilst she is sitting at the counsel table.

It is believed these restrictions have been put in place following a complaint from Lindsay's former lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley.

When Lindsay was last in court, she was photographed with the words "F**k You" penned in tiny writing on her finger nail.

At the time, Holley said: "That a courtroom camera, purportedly there to accurately chronicle the proceedings, would use a telephoto lens to zoom in as it did to Ms. Lohan's fingernail is a commentary on the entire issue."

Lindsay has to surrender to the Beverley Hills court at 8.30am today (Pacific Daylight Time).