Lindsay Lohan says her no-show at the Venice Film Festival was for her ''health and well-being''.

The 27-year-old actress was said to be booked for the event to promote 'The Canyons' and no reason was given for her absence - but she has now claimed she was never even scheduled in the first place.

Lindsay - who completed a 90-day stay in court-ordered rehab last month - insisted she wish she could have been part of the festival.

She wrote on her website: ''I was never confirmed to attend. Of course, I would have enjoyed returning to that wonderful city and being a part of this amazing event, but my focus is on my health and well-being. Plain and simple, it is of the utmost importance.''

The movie's director Paul Schrader had previously claimed the star was meant to be in Venice, but he could've offer an explanation for her not making an appearance.

He said: ''For the last 16 months I've been hostage, by own choosing, to a very talented but unpredictable actress. She was supposed to be here, she said she would be, but she is not.''