The Mean Girls star claimed bosses at Take-Two Games based a character in Grand Theft Auto V on her without permission, insisting that the Lacey Jonas character not only bore a resemblance to her but her story line linked to moments from her own life, film roles and even the Hollywood hotel where she once lived.

In March (16), a judge in New York initially ruled the lawsuit could proceed, because the video game bosses had not provided documentation to prove Jonas wasn't based on Lohan.

They proceeded to a full hearing, but Thursday's (01Sep16) results did not land in Lindsay's favour after a New York state appeals court dismissed the suit.

According to documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the five-judge Appellate Division panel decided Take-Two executives did not use Lohan's "name, portrait or picture" and even if the character does resemble the actress, the video game is protected as a "work of fiction and satire", and therefore did not violate her right to privacy.

The panel also dismissed Lohan's claim the company's bosses improperly used her image when advertising the game, stating the images featured were not of Lohan herself, but merely the avatar.