Lindsay Lohan loves being alone.

The 'Mean Girls' actress says there was a time when she had to surround herself with people all the time but has now learnt to enjoy her own company.

Speaking about her time staying at Hollywood hotel the Chateau Marmont, Lindsay said: "I lived at the Chateau Marmont for like two and a half years.

"I felt safe and I really trusted the people that worked there, I didn't feel the need to go out, I could go downstairs and have dinners and meetings . everything was all in one place, I value being alone now, I love spending time by myself . back then I was afraid to be alone."  

However, while Lindsay - who has been ordered to undertake three years probation, serve 120 days in jail, complete 40 hours of community service and undergo psychological counselling after taking a necklace from an upmarket boutique and breaching the terms of her 2007 probation - says she has no regrets about her life, she admits she wasted a lot of money living at the hotel.

In an interview with 'The Kyle and Jackie O Show' on Australian radio station 2Day FM, the 24-year-old star said: "I did waste a lot of money staying there it was irresponsible of me.

"But I think everything happens for a reason. If you start forgetting things you start trying to fool yourself of what you did.  And timing is everything. It gives you different perspectives on life."