Lindsay Lohan says she's ''in a good place right now.''

The 27-year-old actress dismissed rumours that she has fallen off the wagon again following her sixth stint in rehab for alcoholic addiction last summer, and claims she has no regrets about documenting her sobriety struggles on her OWN reality series, 'Lindsay.'

Guest-hosting 'The View' on Friday (18.04.14), the 'Mean Girls' star said: ''It was important for me to be open and share that with viewers. Especially with me, because people have so many misconceptions without knowing a person directly.''

Lindsay is also trying to be ''proactive'' about getting her career back on track.

She said: ''I became an actress because that's what I love to do, and I think a lot of people forgot that that's what I'm actually in this industry for. So I think throughout the show, it's a bit of a journey of me getting back into work mode and fighting to get the roles that I want to get, which I'm willing to do.''

She added: ''I'm very proactive. I'll email people myself, or I'll go to the studio myself, and I like doing that.''

The troubled starlet isn't dating anyone right now, as she is too busy.

Asked if there was a man in her life, she said: ''No. They've been a distraction for me in the past.''