Lindsay Lohan has been given back her freedom after Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner ended the Mean Girls' star's probation which was first imposed for a 2007 drunk-driving offence. The ruling eliminates the need for Lohan to make regular court appearances, which have been of high interest to the press in recent years.
According to the Press Association, Lindsay thanked Judge Sautner for her patience during a tumultuous couple of years and let out a "sigh of relief" as she left the courtroom. Though her probation has now ended, the 25-year-old actress remains on informal probation for taking a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewellers without permission last year, but any threat of jail or further punishment is now over. Lohan has struggled to put her drunk-driving arrests behind her and gained further media attention in May 2010 when she missed a court hearing. The good news comes as Lohan's career appears to be getting back on track - she recently hosted Saturday Night Live, albeit to mixed reviews, and was paid a reported $1 million to pose nude for Playboy. She is due to guest star in a forthcoming episode of Glee, in which she'll play herself, and will soon begin work on an Elizabeth Taylor biopic for Lifetime.
Lohan's successful probation was in jeopardy last week after it was alleged she hit a member of the public with her car after leaving a nightclub in Los Angeles, though the case doesn't seem to have gone any further.