Lindsay Lohan feels at home on movie sets.

The troubled actress has taken on the role of the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor in new TV movie 'Liz & Dick' and her co-star Grant Bowler says shooting films is the most natural environment for her.

Grant - who plays Lindsay's on-screen husband Richard Burton in the film - said: ''For Lindsay, I imagine, and I can only imagine ... because she grew up on sets and did her homework on set and fell asleep watching TV waiting to go on set, it's a much more instinctive process. It's much more natural to be in the trailer or on set than anywhere else.''

Grant, 44, says he works in a completely different way to 26-year-old Lindsay because they've had such different upbringings.

He told Confidenti@l: ''I actually think we had very different work methodologies

''My father was a tradesman, so I come at acting from a workman's point of view. It's my trade.

''I do my work, I do my research, I put in as many hours as I can. It's a paradigm of labour, if you like.''